The Frustration Of Being Stuck

The frustration of being stuck at a particular point in life can be almost unbearable.

No matter how much more information you take on board – how much more you learn – in order to improve your circumstances (health, incoke, relationships – you choose) it just doesn’t seem to make the difference we hoped it would.

The problem is there is an enormous difference between what most people know and what they actually do with that information. In Lesson 2 of Thinking Into Results, we call this the Knowing / Doing Gap.

Although they know what they need to do to be successful, on the whole, most people are not taking the actions they know they need to take to get where they want to go in life.

The underlying reason for this is that their paradigm – the current conditioning in the subconscious part of their mind – is trying to keep then where they currently are. In the same way an aircraft’s auto-pilot is designed to work.

They may try to change their behaviour by doing things a different way or focusing on desperately trying to change their bad habits, but if they do not change their paradigm first, it will continue to pull them back to their original course.

Even though a person may have all the knowledge / information they need to achieve their goals, this is stored in a different part of the mind to the paradigm. The information is stored in the conscious – or ‘educated’ mind. The paradigm is stored in the subconscious or ‘doing’ mind.

As it is a person’s subconscious mind that controls their actions – and their habits – it is the subconscious mind that must be changed to allow any kind of permanent change in their results. The current paradigm is not allowing efficient use of the information stored in the conscious mind.

Taking on more and more information is of little use without first changing one’s behaviour at it’s primary cause – the paradigm.

In order to make this change, it is first necessary to identify all those non-productive habits that have been holding us back, and to begin to do exactly the opposite. We need to start to take the actions we know will drive us forward instead of keeping us where we are.

Understanding the paradigm, and why we do what we do, helps us to make these changes and take quantum leaps toward our goal.

Lesson 2 from Thinking Into Results is called ‘Th Knowing/Doing Gap’ and focuses on identifying exactly what your non-productive habits are and how to change your paradigm one habit at a time so your mind is working subconsciously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to move you closer to where you want to be.

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