Money Mindset Mastery : Stop Sabotaging Your Business Results

money mindset mastery

What Exactly IS A Money Mindset, Anyway? The phrase ‘money mindset’ is bandied around quite a lot nowadays, but what is it, why is it important and how does it affect your results? I get women all the time telling me ‘I know my money mindset’s stopping me taking the action I need to take […]

5 Tools To Create A Positive Attitude When You’re Feeling Negative

How To Create A Positive Attitude

The greatest discovery of my generation was that you could alter your life by altering your attitude of mind. William James Tweet So you’ve heard it’s important to maintain a positive attitude if you want to improve your results in life, but why is it important and how do you actually do it? In this […]

The Only 3 Steps You Need To Make The Law Of Attraction Actually Work

Want to learn how to make the law of attraction actually work and live a better life?
In this post, I’ll be sharing what the law of attraction is, why it’s important you understand it and the ONLY 3 steps you need to implement this proven technique and make it a part of your life so that you can turn your own results around, no matter where you’re starting from.

How To Create Winning Self-Esteem And Unstoppable Confidence

winning self-esteem

Is low self-esteem holding you back in life? In this post I’ll be talking about where low self-esteem comes from, how it’s likely controlling you and your results and how to improve it. “FREE 5-DAY SCIENCE OF SUCCESS QUICK-START CHALLENGE” I WANT IN! As someone who has experienced divorcing parents as a teenager, serial exam […]

5-Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Just Do What You Need To Do

Stop Procrastinating

“How do I stop procrastinating and force myself to do what I know needs to be done?” That’s probably the biggest and most frequently asked question I hear. FREE 5 DAY CHALLENGE I WANT IN! Procrastinating is the single biggest factor that keeps women in business stuck, and it will prevent you from ever achieving […]

What if it just feels silly having big goals?


We are constantly being told we need to ‘aim high in life’, ‘to reach for the stars’, to ‘build big goals’ – and I absolutely, whole heartedly agree. It’s what I teach my clients and, in my experience, having a BIG goal is the single biggest difference between people who achieve any level of success […]

The 4 Best Ways To Get What You Really Want In Life (And The 3 Worst)

In the past 12 months I can honestly say I’ve achieved more than I did in the previous 12 years put together. After the birth of my first daughter, Mollie, in 2006 I started my own business. I was going to rule the world. Working when and where I wanted, around my family, I envisioned […]

What is a worthy goal?

“Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.” You have a tremendous amount of creative potential – and the truth is, there is no-one alive who can even guess at what you, as an individual, are capable of achieving. So, if this is the case, why do so few people actually achieve anything of […]