Why Are So Many Famous Entrepreneurs Seemingly Uneducated, And So Many Really Smart People Unsuccessful?

Famous entrepreneurs – the ones we all want to emulate when we first start out in business – operate totally differently to the masses.

OK, you probably already know that – but do you know why?

The fact is, there is a huge difference between what most people know and what we actually do.

So many people try to improve their results (and those of other people) by flooding their minds with more and more information.

They go on endless courses, attend more and more trainings, study for qualifications far beyond what they’ll ever actually need…

All resulting in them receiving tons of information that sits in their memory ready to be regurgitated as and when needed – but not actually being used to generate results.

This is the reason why we see so many intelligent, very well educated people with letters after their name coming off the end of their business card, who seem to have spent a large chunk of their lives in and out of further education – who are completely broke.

Many of them are stuck in jobs they’d rather not be in, living with their parents or in rented accommodation, earning far less income than they could do – all because they aren’t aware what to do with all that knowledge they’ve absorbed over the years.

Yes, they can repeat it, they can tell you facts and figures, they can make well-argued points and write well-constructed opinions…but that very rarely translates into the ability to achieve the things they really want in life.

Far more valuable is the ability to take action – to actually do what we already know how to do.

To look at our lives and identify all the things we are currently doing that are holding us back and replace them with thoughts, ideas and behaviours that will actually move us towards where we want to be in life.

And it’s this action-taking ability that sets those famous entrepreneurs apart from the hundreds of thousands of business owners who give up and close their doors within 3 years of starting.

We call this the knowing/doing gap, and we transform it in Day 2 of my FREE 5 Day ‘Science Of Success’ Quick-Start Challenge

Regardless of their educational, family or ethnic background, most people already KNOW what they need to do to be successful on their chosen path, they’re just not doing it.

The truth is that we were raised in a world and received schooling in a system where the focus was on taking in the information and then recognising the individual for how much they could remember.

However, we are now living in a world that isn’t really interested in what you know. In fact just about the only people who are being recognised today (including those famous entrepreneurs you see on YouTube who seem to be ‘just like you and me’) are the ones who will actually do things – the ones who get the job done.

The good news is that, in almost every case, without any further study, pretty much everyone can improve their performance and enjoy greater results with what they already know.

Think about a current situation where you’re not receiving the results you really want – in your life or in your business.

What’s the gap between what you know you should be doing, and what you’re actually doing that would start to rectify this?

What’s your knowing/doing gap?

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