Your Infinite Mind

Paradigms are responsible for how we think, feel and act on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis. They are the result of all the mind-programming we have ever received – both gentically, in the womb, and environmentally growing up.

The information we have received, the experiences and feelings we have had over the years have conditioned us to think a certain way, to behave a certain way and to believe certain ‘truths’.

This infomation (or paradigm) has enormous influence over everything we do. It controls how a person’s logic is structured. So what may seem logical to one person seems completely illogical to someone else.

As the current paradigm controls our thoughts, which in turn control our actions and then our results, if we have any chance at all of achieving better results than we currently are (in any area of life), it is necessary to first change the paradigm.

We have to break out of the invisiblebox that our current paradigm keeps us locked in – and most people will require the help of a coach or mentor to do this.

Our mental programming has taken place over such a long time that, for most of us, it will require persistence, courage and determination to change the thought patterns and habits that govern who we are and the results we are getting.

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