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How many times have you heard about people who have lost their job, missed the grades they needed, been overlooked for promotion or split from their partner because of a poor attitude?

And how often do you hear people moaning about the job they hate, the parents who dispair about their teenage or grown-up children or the people who have been tolerating an unhappy relationship for years – all because these people are waiting for the world and other people to change towards them before they will.

Yet being big enough to accept that, just perhaps, it is their own poor attitude that is making them miserable – and taking steps to improve it – could transform their life.

“Fair enough” you say, “but that’s easier said than done when you’re already feeling down.”

The point is the vast majority of people won’t even make the attempt. They let feelings of negativity drag them into a downward spiral feeling aggrieved, angry or depressed about their situation, when they could actually take control of the situation and turn it around themselves.

But just how does someone magically adopt this kind of positive attitude?

The easiest and most effective means of forming a good attitude habit is to begin conducting yourself as though you aready have a good, positive, expectant attitude towards life – just pretend to start with if you have to!
Every time someone says something negative or something bad happens, just bite your tongue, take a deep breath, smile and mentally say “It’s all good”.
Now I’m not saying it’s easy – you might even think it laughable. But if you’ve never tried it, you’ll be amazed at what happens. Remember that actions trigger feelings, just as feelings trigger actions.
Chances are you know people who seem to be dead “lucky.” All kinds of great things happen to them—and they give the impression of happily sailing through life having a wonderful time and accomplishing more in a year than most people do in five.
And it’s not hard to join this small group of happy, productive people who are living life to the full.
Try the following for a week:
Act toward the world—everything and everyone, with an attitude calculated to produce the results you want. That is, if the result you want is more success in what you’re doing, act as though you are already in possession of that success. If you want others to treat you with admiration and respect, treat others with admiration and respect … regardless of how they seem to treat you.
Treat others and the world at large in exactly the same manner that you want the world, and others, to treat you.
For example, treat the members of your family as the persons they really are: the most important people in your life. Carry out into the world each morning the kind of attitude you’d have if you were the most successful person on earth. And notice how quickly it develops into a habit.
Almost immediately, you’ll experience a change. Small irritations that used to frustrate and annoy you will disappear. When some less informed person gives you a bad time, make sure you stay on track.
When someone cuts in front of you with their car, or acts in any other manner that shows their ignorance and lack of courtesy, don’t stoop to their level.
Don’t let their unhappiness make you unhappy.
When you begin to develop better attitudes, you should realise you’ve already placed yourself on the road to what you seek. You are well on your way to
joining the top three percent of people.
You’ve prepared the ground and planted the seed—you’ve made of yourself an embodiment of that which you seek.
(Adapted from Bob Proctor’s ‘Lead The Field’ Coaching Programme –  contact me at to learn more)

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