How do I make my service more marketable?

I meet many business owners who offer a very broad range of services.

We tend to think that the more things we can ‘do’ for people, the more people we can help so the more clients we’ll get.

It’s why so many business owners spend thousands and thousands of pounds learning more skills, getting more qualifications, more letters after their name…but not earning any more money.

The real truth in business is ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.’

I can tell you now, if you’re the owner of a service business, there are thousands of other people already offering what you offer. And that’s good. Because it means there is demand for it.

But I can also tell you that simply having a longer list of services than your competitor is NOT going to help you attract clients.

Take a look at your competitors websites – most of them are just a long list of the services they offer. And most of those are probably the same as the services you offer.

And here’s the thing – a lot of your potential clients, people visiting those websites, have not the foggiest idea what most of those services are or how they can help them with the problem they have.

I talk a lot about how specialising in a particular field is the key to Charging What You’re Worth, and if you’re going to grab the attention of your ideal clients it is absolutely crucial.

You need to switch your focus away from the service you offer and towards how you can help your ideal clients.

(Of course, to do this, you first need to know who your ideal clients are – we cover this is the Niche Breakthrough Secrets module of my Ignite Mastermind & Coaching programme but I’ve also written a number of articles about it). 🙂

So, to make your services more marketable, you need to think about the problem that your ideal clients have and how you can solve it for them in absolutely the best way possible.

This is how we go about creating your Signature System – a step-by-step process that is unique to you, that you take your clients through to get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

A process you can talk about with clarity and confidence, knowing that no-one else does this.


Because you’ve designed it.

Having your own Branded Signature System (we give it a unique name) suddenly raises you automatically to expert status.

It gives you confidence that you can help your clients get the results they want, and it gives them confidence in you – because they can see you have a thought out process and can see how each of the steps is going to get them nearer to their goal.

It makes your service more ‘tangible’. It has suddenly become a ‘product’. And people are prepared to pay more for something they can ‘see’.

AND (this is huge) it completely eradicates the threat of competition – because your competitor are not offering what you’re offering. And that means no-one can compare you on price any more.

Once you’ve got your Branded Signature System set out, you can do all sorts with it:

  • you can create mini-products or services for each individual step
  • you can create a ‘premium’ version for people who want more of your time or BONUS treatments/services
  • you can lay out the steps on your website and in your marketing literature to show people exactly how you will help them get results
  • you can move current clients onto your new, improved package and increase your fees

Having a Branded Signature System really is the key to being able to make your services uber-marketable and being able to finally charge what you’re worth.

So how do you do it?

Well, our process uses a set of templates, worksheets and exercises to create, name and market your Branded Signature System but, to get started on your own these are the steps I would recommend:

  • Get crystal clear on your ideal client (niche) and exactly what the specific, urgent problem is that they have and you can help them solve
  • Starting from where they are now, think about what the very first thing you will do with them is, when you start working with them and write it down.
  • Now think of the 2nd thing you’ll do with them, after that initial step – and write it down
  • And the 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on until you finish at a point where you’ve completed your process with them.
  • Now you might end up with a ton of steps, and that’s fine for this exercise – but you need to start to group those steps together so you end up with 5 or 6 steps really. Certainly no more than 7 I would say.
  • Once you’ve got your 5 or 6 step process, go back through the steps and see what you could add to each step, that would not take more of your time but would really help your client get an amazing result.
  • Give your system a unique name based on the results your client will get from working with you
  • Start telling everyone about it!

I have yet to find a business that this does not work for.

Yes, virtually everyone I speak to (particularly therapists, healers, coaches and other business owners who really could help ‘anybody’) tells me this won’t work in their industry.

And yes, it absolutely does work for all industriesand all my clients.

Take a look at the entrepreneurial leaders in your sector. I’ll bet they’re known for being an expert in a particular area (not a jack of all trades) and I’ll bet they have their own branded signature system.

Done properly, your Branded Signature System will not only make you stand out from the crowd, it will give you the confidence you need to sell more and will create a whole new, simplified but lucrative structure for your business.

Meaning you get up every morning knowing what you need to be focused on doing that day.

You have clarity around the people you need to be meeting and the content you need to be providing for blog posts, articles, social media, lead generation magnets and more.

And you’ll have the renewed interest and motivation to research your new speciality that drives successful business owners forward, becoming true experts in their chosen field and creating unbelievable results for those lucky enough to work with them. 🙂

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