How do I make my service more marketable?

I meet many business owners who offer a very broad range of services. We tend to think that the more things we can ‘do’ for people, the more people we can help so the more clients we’ll get. It’s why so many business owners spend thousands and thousands of pounds learning more skills, getting more […]

How Can I Attract My Ideal Clients (And Stop Attracting Time Vampires?)

Have you ever got talking to someone new and felt, after only a couple of meetings, like you’ve known them for years? Like they’re just somehow ‘on your wave-length’? (There’s a scientific reason for that – they really are! We naturally attract the people to us who are on the same vibrational level. But that’s […]

How Do I Find Clients Who Will Pay For My Services?

woman thinking

One of the biggest mistakes I find small business owners making is fishing for clients in a pool of people who will just never pay for the services they’re offering. We all want to help people, and it’s an unfortunate fact of life that many (MANY) of the people you could really help – you […]

Feel Guilty Charging For Your Services?

One of the most common reasons I see for business owners (and women in particular) undercharging, failing to chase late payers – and in some cases not charging AT ALL – is that they feel guilty ‘taking’ money from people who clearly need their help in one way or another. I can totally relate to […]

Charge What You’re Worth And Get It

Fact: The vast majority of small business owners struggle with pricing. More specifically, the vast majority of small business owners undercharge for their services. Common statements I hear on a daily basis from my coaching clients go something like this… “My clients can’t afford to pay more than they do now…” “I won’t get any […]