Case Study: Trish Colbert, Ireland



When Trish first started working with us, things were really tough. Making new sales in her business was very challenging, her relationship with her business partner had become strained and Trish was in the position of having to make lots of sacrifices (both money and time) to just keep her businesses going.

Trish had owned a restaurant in Ireland, with her business partner, for a number of years, things had slowed and she was starting feel like things were on a downward spiral.

She had had a number of ideas of how to diversify her catering provision services over the years, but none had really come to fruition, other than a small contract for providing school meals.

Of course, little did we know when she wrote her first testimonial in 2019 that there was a global pandemic, and widespread lockdown of hospitality businesses and schools on the way to boot!

The Results

Shortly after starting to work with us before the first COVID19 lockdown, Trish was on her way back to winning ways!

Her business income was up 12% on the same time the previous year and she had started to receive interest in the lucrative wedding catering industry – giving her and her partner another profitable income source.

Trish’s own self-image and confidence improved so much so that she was able to approach potential clients and negotiate contracts without her business partner – something she would not have felt able to do before

I know how much it meant to her to be finally financially stable that Christmas and to be able to help out her family, as she mentions in her Facebook Post to our Thinking Into Results group above.

Fast forward 1 year and you can see (below) that things have just got better and better for Trish – and in a global pandemic too!


Trish 2020

The Process

Immediately after starting with Thinking Into Results, Trish worked with Emma to up-level her goals and committed to going all out for BIG results!

Using the methods we teach in Thinking Into Results, Trish implemented everything we asked her to do and quickly started to re-programme her subconscious mind to move away from the lack mindset of worry and doubt that had been holding her back.

She now thinks like the successful person she needs to become to achieve the things she wants to achieve.

The ‘Trampling The Terror Barrier’ and ‘Knowing / Doing Gap Lessons’ have been particularly powerful for Trish in taking inspired action when she attracts an idea or opportunity, and she is a well-loved, positive and ever-present member in our community.

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